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Solar redefined

Offering world's first integrated PV and thermal energy vacuum collector Virtu from Naked Energy. By supplying simultaneous heat and electricity, Virtu PVT provides a holistic solution to your building’s energy needs.

Unrivaled performance in any environment. The unique evacuated tube design allows high

performance whilst producing output temperatures that other hybrid collectors struggle with. Virtu can handle high temperatures and withstand stagnation. Minimized heat losses result in high efficiency even in cold winter. The curved glass design prevents dust from settling on the surface preserving the performance. The low profile reduces wind a snow effect.

More energy, less space. Virtu PVT is designed to

maximize the solar potential of your roof with no self shading and unique design, resulting in a higher yield per sq meter. Maximizing roof space, it requires up to 50% less space than separate thermal collectors and PV array.

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