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Solar Thermal for your Greenhouse

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

It is known that producing many foods and other crops, such as cannabis, throughout the year can be achieved in greenhouses. Growth can be defined as an increment in biomass or an increment in weight or height of the organs of the plant influenced by physiological processes. Many of these processes have their limits genetically determined, but climate and irrigation play an important role. Because of its importance, microclimate has been extensively studied in the modeling as a surrounding condition which is imposed by the exterior climate. Spanish researchers conducted work to develop a temperature model based on the energy balance dynamics at two different greenhouse locations - South Eastern

Spain and Northern China, and the traditional structures of Chinese solar greenhouse and Almería-type multi-span greenhouse were taken into account. The final model was developed by combining the external conditions, the actuator influence and the crop growth, where the temperature is influenced by soil, crop, cover, actuators, back wall and greenhouse geometry. The model took into account the energy lost by convective and conductive fluxes, as well as the energy supplied by solar radiation and heating systems. The soil and the back wall are the main media for energy storage. The temperature dynamic was determined by a physical model, which considered the energy balance from an integrated point of view - as a sub-model for a customizable interface among the external climate, the plant and the greenhouse system. The influences of different subsystems included in the temperature model were analyzed and evaluated. The results showed a high value of implementing solar thermal system for maintaining consistent temperature and humidity for Beijing and for Almeria greenhouses. At Ascent Systems we can design an integrated solar thermal system with advanced control and automatic monitoring for any type of greenhouse providing exact and reliable microclimate for any crop throughout all seasons.

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